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For Milk:

1Any idea why is milk white in colour?
In truth, the colour of milk is slightly yellowish milky white and the colour is deeply affected by the compositions in the milk.
Protein and fat from compositions of milk will create color of the milk.
Milk looks opaque white because of the diffused reflection of light from each of countless fine particle of protein that scattered evenly in the water content of milk.
In addition, the yellow tinge is caused by carotene in the fat globule of the milk. When the cow is fed with carotene rich grass, the milk will look more yellowish.

For Cheese:

1Can cheese stored frozen?
Cheese is not recommended to be stored frozen. The texture and flavour of the cheese will likely deteriorate when kept frozen.
Once opened, wrap your cheese well to prevent it from drying. Store it in the chiller and consume it as early as possible.
For shredded cheese typically used for cooking, you can store it frozen. Such cheese gets moldy easily and unconsumed portion should be kept in an air-tight container. Just heat it up before consumption.