Hokkaido Fresh Milk - 1L

HOKKAIDO FRESH MILK 1L under the series of “北海道ミルク” is the only FRESH milk where fresh milk direct import from Hokkaido and packed locally by Singapore’s leading dairy manufacturer that renowned for consumer-centric and leaders in the milk categories.
The fresh milk ingredient of this product is 100% supplied by Yotsuba Milk Products Co., Ltd, Hokkaido leading manufacturer that have 50years experience in produce premium quality fresh milk and milk products.
This fresh milk that having exactly the same taste as you can taste in Hokkaido, even in Japan, is the signature character of 北海道ミル.
That’s the reason we call it HOKKAIDO FRESH MILK.


Hokkaido Mixed Cheese

Premium quality natural Cheddar cheese that import from Hokkaido, blended with well-chosen Gouda and Mozzarella.
Cheddar that full with delicate acidity perfectly blended with buttery taste’ Gouda and stretchy Mozzarella is ideal for making a pizza, baked rice/pasta, cheese on toast, cheese omelette or simply savor on its own.
Cheddar Cheese is 100% supplied from Hokkaido, Japan.


Hokkaido Fresh Milk 200ml

Straw attached and longer shelf life of 100days is small version of Hokkaido Fresh Milk 1L, where we hope everyone can enjoy premium Hokkaido quality fresh milk anytime, anywhere.
Shelf stable milk with ultraheat treatment processed that doesn’t required refrigeration until they’re opened is a popular option for kids and adult who have busy schedule.
Hokkaido Fresh Milk 200ml is using 100% Fresh Milk from Hokkaido, Japan and produced by one of Yotsuba Milk Products Co., Ltd.’s factory that located in Hokkaido.